I’m lagging behind on my blogging, as always, but I have kept up with almost every other aspect of my habit list. The things I do want to do are the things that are the hardest, such as keeping up with my writing and making sure that I actually post it.

The drawback with writing everything by hand first is what I have to write it on a keyboard to actually make it show up somewhere. Everyone suggesting ReMarkables and other tech – I’ve tried it, it never sticks. I need something more visceral.

What I find useful is the process of putting pen to paper. In doing so, I organize my thoughts and structure my mind. I appreciate that not everyone works that way, but I do, and I have to do it in some cases. The inside of my head is a chaotic space.

By putting words on paper, I understand myself and where I’m going with a line of thought. I write quickly, but not as quickly as I think so by slowing my thoughts down to writing speed, I catch some of the irrationalities and strangeness that my brain indulges in now and then.

So at the beginning of this week (or more accurately during the weekend) I wrote a bunch of reviews for Fenix, as well as an article on inheritance. I thought the article was crap at first, but I transcribed it and printed it and after having moved things around and added some glue here and there, it turned out to be passable.

I am exacting and I’m very critical of my own work, so sometimes I rewrite it at the last minute. Although I mostly won’t tell anyone about that. People would probably be appalled at how many articles I’ve written more than once.

I digress. Inheritance and reviews is pretty much all I’ve done so far, although I’m also fiddling around in Unreal 5 and finding my way around the blueprints. With any luck, I’ll be able to finish the course soon and jump on to the next.

In addition to that, the time has come to start playing a game about a large man with an irrational anger towards birches. Woe is me.