There’s a moment in GreedFall that I personally find very compelling. This is a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t played the game, so unless you want the story to be spoiled, stop reading and don’t watch the clip.


Here we go.

At a critical moment in the game, Constantin finds out that he’s dying. He is afflicted by the malichor, the disease that’s been claiming multiple lives in the old country, the continent of Gacane. Constantin’s reaction is a bit dramatic, for sure, but he’s not posturing, and he’s not being stoic.

Overall, I would say that the actions and reactions of individuals in GreedFall feel very real and very human. For sure, Constantin shakes it off in no time, but this is a game, so it is to be expected. That he reacts at all is what makes this special. Men aren’t supposed to be vulnerable, and here he is, falling apart. You may argue that it makes him look weak. To me, it makes him look human.