NOTE: This post contains a spoiler in the video.

I have this thing for honking1 large and sentient AIs who return from dark space once every 50.000 years in order to yeet any sentient organic races into their respective suns.

I mean, I didn’t use to, because oddly enough its not really seen as a very healthy thing to encourage, but ever since Sovereign spoke to me and indoctri… ow… I mean changed my mind, no outside influence whatsoever2, I kind of think its a healthy thing to do, you know? Just Marie Kondo the heck out of the galaxy. Does asari spark joy? Nope? Yeet! Do salarians? No? Yeet! etc.

(Seriously, though, this is one of the best moments in the game, not just because of Sovereign, but because Virmire is an excellent mission overall.)

  1. Reapers honk. Yes they do. Yes. Although in a fight between a Canada goose and a Reaper, I wouldn’t bet on the Reaper…
  2. Help!