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Dragon Age

Subtle reminders

One of the most persistent memories I have about playing GTA V is the constant reinforcement from the game that I did not belong in that world.

Dragon Age fanart

Okay, so I suck at drawing. Not really, but I’m not half as good as some of the people out there doing that stuff.

The Endless Derp of Character Generators

I’m not sure if I’m the only one ending up with a derpy faced character the first time


I recently rediscovered that everything evil in the Dragon Age universe starts with magic.

Tooth and Scale

Before you start reading this, I should mention that this post contains spoilers for Dragon Age Inquisition, in particular regarding the creatures that dwell in the world.

In Your Heart Shall Burn

This is my first take on Dragon Age Inquisition. I’ve not finished playing yet, but I’m about 2/3 rds in, and it is so far epic on a scale that goes way beyond epic.

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