The Dungeon of Delight is said to hold treasure of superb quality and perfection. No one has however returned from the Dungeon, so rumours abound.

The Dungeon is only accessible once a year during solstice, and solstice is approaching.

There are no monsters here. The Dungeon is simply a very nice place to hang out. It has everything you need, including personal living quarters for anyone who would like it. A beautiful Turkish bathhouse, a goblin chef creating the most delicious meals and a team of Drow personal trainers and massage therapists.

There’s a gifted giant theatre troupe and a circus with elementals that create the most wonderful spectacle for the guests to watch. In short, the dungeon is a delightful experience.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. The Dungeon was created by a very skilled mage who was tired of her life as a wandering mercenary for hire. She created the Dungeon as a way to get away from everyday strife and struggle. Her immense wealth helped build the dungeon, and she hired several families to do the cleaning, cooking and caretaking of the place. It has been several hundred yeas since her passing but the Dungeon is still ticking along, the hired families still get paid and they have taken it on themselves to keep Mainna Sandos’s legacy going.

What Are the Rules?

The only rules for the Dungeon are:

  1. Don’t steal
  2. Don’t kill or use violence
  3. Don’t be rude

Anyone not sticking to the rules above get ejected from the dungeon and are magically prevented from ever coming back.

Repeat Visitors

There are adventurers who have left the dungeon and then returned. They are a well kept secret.

Some adventurers use the dungeon as a spa, returning over and over each year to get pampered by the Dungeon crew.

Why Would I Even Put This in My Campaign?

Because it is unexpected and because we all need a vacation from time to time, even hardened adventurers with a penchant for getting into trouble.

How to Use the Dungeon

When players want some downtime. It could also be an excellent opportunity for som real soap opera intrigue.

  • The giantess Arabella has fallen in love with her director, Mustum. Mustum, however, believes he’s carrying a torch for Nummis. But Nummis has put a love spell on Mustum, because she wants the lead role in the upcoming play. Bart, the lead male giant, knows this, but is in love with Nummis so won’t tell on her. Mustum in turn is actually in love with Arabella, but his artificial lust for Nummis prevents a confession.
  • In the kitchen there’s a silent stand off happening between the Tobbo and the Hubling goblin families. Tobbo is accusing Hubling of having stolen their recipe book but the Hubling family denies it, citing the dungeon rules as proof. The Tobbo family believes that the staff is an exception to the rule. What has actually happened is that the Drow librarian Jaqueline mistakenly took the book and placed it in the lending library. Until this is resolved, the goblin families face off by making more and more delicious meals for the dungeon inhabitants. Which might lead to those same inhabitants trying to keep the riddle from being solved.