I saw a true crime thing on Netflix the other day (briefly reinstated so that I could watch Ebola Holmes 2) and they interviewed the police detectives behind the capture of Bruce McArthur who murdered several gay men who frequented Toronto’s village quarters. One of the detectives – the only one in a lead position up until that point – was a woman.

In an earlier clip that dealt with a different set of killers, one detective noted that he left on his kid’s birthday to catch a killer and didn’t make it back. Nothing more was said about it. This woman though. Her family life was hashed and rehashed and the finally said that she retired from the police force in order to be closer to her daughter. None of the men mentioned anything even remotely similar and it got me thinking how much a “woman’s role” is still a thing in society. How much that particular mindset is yet again gaining traction in society, due to the ass backwards right wing dunderheads that are returning to power.

Look at images from Elon Musk’s twitter office. Almost exclusively men, because they’re the only ones who can deal with Musk’s idiotic leadership style, not because they’re “special”, but because they most likely have a partner at home who deals with the housework, the children (if there are any) and all the myriad things that are required to make day to day operations work.

Some days I fear we’re heading towards a 50’s housewife deal again, with so many right wing people in power. Recessions have a tendency to do that to a society, because people will get fired they won’t have a job to go to, and the market favours men.

I’m concerned over how long this will last. I’m hoping not that long. I’m hoping we’ll bounce back quickly and that the war ends in Ukraine and that the right wing resurgence knock themselves out on their own stupididy. But there are no guarantees, and if anything, I think the only thing this world has really proven is that it knows how to disappoint.