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One of those Moments

One of Those Moments – No One Knows

Okay, so this was a while back now, and it was during a period of time when I “convinced” people that I belonged in the games industry by trying to be good at playing games. I had serious issues playing… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – Having a New Game

Most of the moments I write about are moments that happen in game, but sometimes the best moments are the moments of anticipation. You start up your console or PC. See the new game or stick the disc in the… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – Weapons Hanging Out

As you may or may not know, Boyfriend Dungeon had a surprise update recently with new weapons to date, a new dungeon and more interaction with the weapons, and most delightfully, between the weapons. As you may have noticed, when… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – The Hands in Hades

The more I play Hades, the more details worm their way into my brain. In this instance, the weakly grasping hands of the souls that are submerged in Asphodel. In general, the souls that drift around the game are excellent… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – The Chef

Really it’s not only the chef, but so many tiny little moments and animations that make this whole still fairly limited space come alive. Ladies and gentlemen. The chef chopping an onion.

One of Those Moments – lovely Dusa

I have a confession. I didn’t like Hades when I started playing it. It felt repetitive and boring. There was no onboarding, and I didn’t understand what was going on, where to go, what to do and all those things… Continue Reading →

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