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One of those Moments

One of Those Moments – I Love Freddie

So, you’ll probably see a lot of these coming up the coming few weeks. I absolutely adore certain aspects of Stray Gods, and I will post about it and there will – due to the fact that the game is… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – Gradual Unlock of Powers

So, it may surprise you to learn that there is one thing about Jedi: Fallen Order that I do like and that’s the gradual unlock of powers and skills. Considering how awkward the default controls are, this is a really… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – Fashav

I’m replaying Horizon Forbidden West for a host of reasons. My primary one is that while I do enjoy making Geralt all bearded and biker chic, I miss a female protagonist to hang out with. This time I also managed… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – The Water

It is cold and miserable outside. I’m hopelessly longing for a brighter day, warmth, spring and maybe even summer. This is why I’m replaying Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It’s set in Greece and it is mindblowingly beautiful. What attracts me most… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – No One Knows

Okay, so this was a while back now, and it was during a period of time when I “convinced” people that I belonged in the games industry by trying to be good at playing games. I had serious issues playing… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – Having a New Game

Most of the moments I write about are moments that happen in game, but sometimes the best moments are the moments of anticipation. You start up your console or PC. See the new game or stick the disc in the… Continue Reading →

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