Most of the moments I write about are moments that happen in game, but sometimes the best moments are the moments of anticipation.

You start up your console or PC. See the new game or stick the disc in the console slot. Downloading. Waiting to play something you would really like to play, to experience.

Sometimes I want to go back to those moments, the time before I started playing and started experiencing something, especially if it is one of those amazing games that engage all of you, makes you think, causes emotions and impacts you like nothing else.

Because games are like nothing else. They touch me deeper than movies and books when the game is on my wavelength.

They make me feel more, be more, experience more. The goosebumps when standing at the top of a colossal statue at the start of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Flying a sun wing for the first time in Horizon Forbidden West.

Mordin dying in Mass Effect 3.

Anders’ betrayal in Dragon Age II.

The power of those moments, both great and small is why I work in games. It’s why I play games. It is why I want others to have the same opportunities as I have, the same possibility to feel a part of something, the same ability to feel represented, listened to, heard and powerful.