It is cold and miserable outside. I’m hopelessly longing for a brighter day, warmth, spring and maybe even summer.

This is why I’m replaying Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It’s set in Greece and it is mindblowingly beautiful. What attracts me most is the water, and not just the water on the shores, but the water at sea in a storm.

If you’ve grown up next to water, as I have, the way those waves work, the valleys and mountains, feel both accurate and strangely enough, safe. It brings me back to childhood, being out on the lake – I grew up by Vänern – in the middle of a storm and pretty much falling asleep in what could most closely be described as a rollercoaster.

So I look at the ocean in Odyssey, and I remember summers past and the warmth of the water, and the comfort it brought me when I was a child.