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Have some fucking accountability

Believe it or not, but this is a phrase that I’ve actually used in a professional context. Suffice to say I was very angry at the time, and I have since apologized to the individual I aimed it at. Not… Continue Reading →

Representation Matters

When Chadwick Bozeman passed, it only took looking at social media to realize that his passing had an enormous impact. His life had an even bigger impact. I can not even begin to understand the feeling, seeing the Black Panther… Continue Reading →

Dev needs Production

I think you’re a good producer. Because you actively tried to understand the issues. Like basically listened to people in the team. A good producer tries to genuinely understand what different parties want and what are the main obstacles in… Continue Reading →

Hello gameloop!

This is the second post in a series of posts that are intended to describe a bit more about UX design and how I personally work with UX design. Out of necessity I’ll have to keep it generic, and the… Continue Reading →

Ett spel är ett spel är ett spel

Häromdagen uppmanades en grupp jag är med i på Facebook att lämna tips på spel för en spelare som dels var ung, dels medveten om feminism och hur det påverkar spelens innehåll. Spelen skulle vara bra ur ett feministiskt perspektiv,… Continue Reading →

Dear Ratings troll

Dear ratings troll. I noted that you spent much of the first of June to go through all my blog posts and add a 1 rating on them. I know this, because the time stamps

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