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A Dysfunctional Industry

A while back Riot settled a gender discrimination and harassment lawsuit for $100 million. The lawsuit brought up cases of sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, retaliation, and constructive dismissal. I’m pretty sure – actually I’m convinced – that this type of… Continue Reading →

OSR, Ludology and Conservative Gaming Culture

I’m reading a book called the Role-Playing Game Primer and Old School Playbook by Chris Gonnerman, purporting to teach beginners how to play RPGs. It is one of those books that I’ve had on my shelf for ages and never… Continue Reading →

Witches & Women

I’ve recently played three games that I wouldn’t normally play. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, God of War, and Jedi: Fallen Order. Common for all three is the archetype of the witch that pops up in the games. They’re… Continue Reading →

A part or Apart?

I have been a part of the games industry or gaming culture. I started in my early teens, trying to be a part of a hobby that didn’t really want me there. I tried going to conventions, already collecting games,… Continue Reading →

The Takeaways…

… from playing games I really don’t enjoy so far is that this industry is single minded and one eyed (no pun or anything else intended). We’re making games primarily for a male audience but the issue with that is… Continue Reading →

The Sexism of the Witcher 3

I’m sorry dear reader, but this is a topic I’ll keep getting back to. Skip The Witcher 3 posts if you find them boring. By now, anyone who knows me also know that I deeply dislike playing male player characters,… Continue Reading →

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