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Ugh, Emotions: Part II

CW: Harassment, sexism, sexual harassment In 2000 I wrote my thesis at a mobile games company. It was titled User Interfaces for Role-playing on a Mobile Platform. I still have it somewhere. It’s 150 pages long and is probably quite… Continue Reading →

The Standard You Walk Past

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. – Lieutenant General David Morrison The title of this post was something said by Lt General David Morrison in a speech to the Australian army, after allegations of sexual misconduct… Continue Reading →

Don’t give us a bad name!

Today, I’ve learned how to use raw_input() in Python. However, learning scripting can be slightly taxing on the brain

Looking for trouble

A criticism that we gaming feminists often get to hear is that we’re out “looking for it”.

Can I kiss your…?

I’m not sure if anyone has managed to miss the “mortifying” faux pas committed by a games journalist towards a game developer very recently.

Den sista bastionen

Innan du börjar läsa: Jag har i det här inlägget använt mig av generaliseringen “män” och “kvinnor”. Med det avses inte alla män och inte alla kvinnor.

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