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Industry Practices

We are awfully reactionary and conservative as an industry compared to other tech industries. To be honest, I’d like to know why we’re so slow to adapt to new ways of doing things and why we’re not able to make… Continue Reading →

Tales from the Trenches – Troubled Times

On occasion you will end up on projects that are nothing but trouble. What I mean by that is. That you’ll get to solve problem after problem after problem, and none of them will be easy to deal with. Some… Continue Reading →

Dev needs Production

I think you’re a good producer. Because you actively tried to understand the issues. Like basically listened to people in the team. A good producer tries to genuinely understand what different parties want and what are the main obstacles in… Continue Reading →

The Grand Unification Theory of Game Projects

This is a trick title. There is no such thing as a Grand Unification Theory of Game Projects. The Best Way to Manage a Project is a lie, at least in part

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