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Queen Delia’s Grave

Everyone who is anyone has heard of the magnificence of Queen Delia’s grave.It is said to possess treasures beyond comprehension, riches that can not even be measured. A friend of the characters know where the burial chamber is located. It… Continue Reading →

The Lady of the Lake – D&D 5th Ed Encounter

The characters arrive in a small village in the mountains. The village is for some reason full of warriors of different kinds. Everything from barbarians to paladins are camping in or nearby the village. When arriving, the characters are treated… Continue Reading →

Games as a Culture Carrier

I had reason to return to Gary Alan Fines book “Shared Fantasy” about the social aspects of role-playing games recently. I didn’t get very far until the first reference of rape was made. Frequently male nonplayer characters who have not… Continue Reading →

Döden var bara början

Jag var Goth när jag gick i gymnasiet. Inte uppenbart goth, jag klädde mig inte i svart och jag använde inte orimligt mycket eyeliner eller mascara, men min själ var svart som en skogstjärn. Tyckte jag i alla fall. Jag… Continue Reading →

Mardrömsmosaiken – Ett konventsäventyr till Kutulu

I dagarna gick Lund 1922 av stapeln och på fredagen bröt jag en… lång period av att inte ha skrivit till konvent med att skriva till konvent. Den här gången var det Kutulu av Mikael Bergström som fick äran att… Continue Reading →

TTRPGs and Usability

A table-top role-playing game is probably one of the least usable gaming artifacts that I know of, with the possible exception of that thing PlayStation did with movement, or maybe the Kinect for non-English speakers who were women with an… Continue Reading →

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