ditt ordnade kaos på nätet



GGC13 – Where Do We Go From Here?

As the following two sessions before Sheri Graner Ray’s talk

GGC13 – Building Community Through Communication

Amanda Lange was next up with her talk, where she went into specifics about communities

GGC13 – Safe by Design

The fourth talk was Will Bonner from Yeti, who it turns out loves Renegade Ops

GGC13 – Narrative Design for Inclusiveness

This was the third talk of the day, held by Heidi McDonald

GGC13 – Diversity Means Dollars

The second talk of the day was a lot more interesting to me, because it touched on subjects that I myself find very interesting

GGC13 – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Gotland Game Conference anno 2013 started with a number of presentations for us in the jury

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