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Flimsy Excuses

Not too long ago a book about adventures was written here in Sweden, and there’s a quote in that book that I believe encapsulates how women and other marginalized groups are often viewed when it comes to games. It states… Continue Reading →

Higher Expectations

I have to admit that I no longer expect anything from gaming culture. When I started out as a developer and started poking at the issues we had – and in many cases still have – I somehow expected that… Continue Reading →

The Freedom to Create

I’m sure you’ve heard it at some point. That feminists are having a negative impact on the creativity of game developers. That whenever a game is seen as “politically correct” someone is there to point out that this isn’t the… Continue Reading →

A Note on Gamers

So, as you may have seen, I did talk a bit about the terms hardcore and casual and how meaningless I find they are in the context of gaming culture and game development. I also spoke a bit about what… Continue Reading →

Hardcore and casual

I’m going to say something “controversial”. Hardcore and casual gamers has become a meaningless designation. Being any of those “types” of gamer says nothing about gaming habits anymore. “Hardcore”, when the designation first appeared, was used to describe players who… Continue Reading →

The Power of Gatekeeping

If you are in any way part of gaming culture, you’ll know that gatekeeping is part of that culture. To my mind, and as part of a completely unproven hypothesis on my end, gatekeeping is about power. The power to… Continue Reading →

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