I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Caroline while I was at BioWare, but I knew of her long before that. She has been a dialogue coordinator on many of the most lauded games from BioWare, and her influence, I think, is keenly felt in all of them.

I wobbled quite a bit between dialogue coordinator and UX designer when I left production. Ultimately I chose UX design, but Caroline’s work as a dialogue coordinator and the inspiration she brought because of that made the choice very difficult.

Not only is Caroline a skilled professional game developer, she’s also a lovely person. I want to highlight her, not just because I personally have gotten so much joy out of her work, but because we don’t talk enough about the women that inspire us. Role models and mentors both.

Caroline Livingstone has contributed much, not just to the development studios she has worked at, but also as a positive influence over the industry at large.

Caroline is awesome and one of my role-models. You should know that about her.