Most of the people I know in the games industry are men. Most of the contacts I have are men. Not that strange. The industry is still hovering at that 80/ 20 division of men and women, where the 20% part usually also contain all of us that are non-binary, trans or queer.

White is the overwhelmingly common colour, even among us who belong to the 20%, so we have an even more problematic situation when it comes to Black, Asian, Latina, mixed race and indigenous people in the culture and at our companies.

I’m always struck by the blatant lack of diversity when my colleagues and friends post pictures on social media. “Great get together today!” – all white men. “We started a new company!” – all white men. “Greetings from this or that studio!” – all white men or possibly one or two women in the picture.

At work the number of women in my team are fewer than the number of men with the same name.

My question and my thoughts around this are “do you really not see it?”. As a white man in this culture and industry, can’t you see how white and male everything is? And if you do see it, is this the way you want it to be? So you want all those “great get together today!” and “we started a new company!” To continue being all white, all male? And can you, without implying that women and trans and non-binary and BIPOC people aren’t interested or skilled enough to exist in the industry, motivate why we shouldn’t be a part of those “great get together today!” and “we started a new company!” photos?

If you can’t come up with an answer to that, then tell me, do you really not see it?

If you really don’t, then please, for all of us who are not in those photos, think about it, do something about it.