Okay, I admit the reason I put this in this series is because I had so much fun being snarky at Kratos. Kratos in God of War 4 is most likely the worst dad ever™ (okay, probably not, because there are definitely worse parents around, but he’s not going to win dad of the year.). Honestly, his surly, bearded face and his very… eh… manly… attitude had me in stitches.

I’m sorry for my attitude towards this game to all of you who loved GoW 4. I didn’t, but it sure had me sniggering at toxic stereotypes for the four hours I played it. I’m going to – at some point – make an in depth analysis of this game and why it rubs me so very much the wrong way, but that’s a mission for another time.

This intro is the epitome of why I never play games where I have to play as a man1

  1. Bayek excluded. Bayek smiles and loves. And Galahad. He’s exasperated and noble.