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June 2023

The Struggle Is Real

I’ve been playing God of War (2018) for exactly 20 hours, 30 minutes a day and man is it boring. It’s QTE after QTE, without any real investment in the outcome, except if you fail to press the button fast… Continue Reading →

“Why Do You Do This to Yourself?”

A colleague of mine expresses constant amazement at the fact that I play games I don’t enjoy playing. He keeps asking me why I do this to myself. It is a valid question. Spite. I do it out of spite…. Continue Reading →

Trudging up the Mountain

I’ve been to Alfheim, I’ve collected the light, I’ve killed the dragon and chopped off the head of a guy stuck in a tree, and Kratos is still completely uninteresting to me. I know, I know, still a lot of… Continue Reading →

Put Some UX On it

One of the most common misconceptions about user experience design is that it is actually user interface design, or, as one of my former game directors seemed to believe, something that could simply be applied to a game after the… Continue Reading →

What if the Shape of…

…my notebooks influence what and how I write? I’ve been thinking a bit about how my notebooks influence the way I write and which ideas I have. I realize this sounds suspicious. What on earth is she on about now?… Continue Reading →


I’m reading yet another 20 year old book on interactivity and interaction design. It’s written by Chris Crawford and so far, together with Derek Burill’s Die Tryin’, is one of the lest dude bro-y books written by men that I’ve… Continue Reading →

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