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Blackbirds and the Language of Design

I’m currently trying to get through the TTRPG tome Blackbirds. I can’t say I’ve made much headway. I’m 20 pages in in this heavy, unwieldy and somewhat morose volume and already there are two things that strike me as Gatekeep-y…. Continue Reading →

I Want to Make a Difference

It might seem like a foolish or vain thing to some, but I want to have an impact on the games industry and culture. I want to make a difference in the industry that I work in and I want… Continue Reading →

OSR, Ludology and Conservative Gaming Culture

I’m reading a book called the Role-Playing Game Primer and Old School Playbook by Chris Gonnerman, purporting to teach beginners how to play RPGs. It is one of those books that I’ve had on my shelf for ages and never… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – 20.000 Character Project

I’ve returned to the 20.000 character project that I started many years ago with the intent of creating one adventure per basic rule book I own. To date I have written 88 adventures. I have around 200 left to write,… Continue Reading →

Game Dev Heroines – Tove Gillbring

Tove together with her husband Anders is behind Åskfågeln, a publisher of table top roleplaying games and the gaming magazine Fenix, which I have written for since 2005. Tove passed away last year, but up until then she was one… Continue Reading →

Map of Desired Outcome

The map of desired outcome is a powerful artifact for those delving into dungeons. The map will show every trap in the location the carrier is in. The map won’t indicate what type of trap it is, just that there… Continue Reading →

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