Tove together with her husband Anders is behind Åskfågeln, a publisher of table top roleplaying games and the gaming magazine Fenix, which I have written for since 2005.

Tove passed away last year, but up until then she was one of the most generous, caring and extraordinary women I have ever known. She is one of very few female designers in teh Swedish TTRPG space and she and Anders kept TTRPGs alive through Fenix during a very dark period of time, when even Sverok argued they were dead.

Tove should be remembered as one of the most influential game developers in Swedish TTRPG history. The number of artists and designers she has encouraged and developed through Fenix is astonishing.

In all of this, she has also been a true friend. People should know about her.

I love you Tove. You and me, always.