At the moment I’m sitting in a temporary apartment with my two cats, waiting for Monday to arrive. I’m here because I’ve left Avalanche Studios for EA BioWare, a move I did not think possible until September last year, when I was contacted by… BioWare.

I actually thought it was a joke at first. That someone was pulling my leg and making fun of my BioWare obsession, but no. After a trip to Edmonton and two telephone interviews I got the call. They wanted me to start working for them, and now here I am, sitting in an apartment with Puscifer’s latest album playing on my Jambox, a next to empty fridge and two very careful cats who have lived through a 15 hour long journey to another continent, and a new beginning.

On the flight over I listened to Fläskkvartetten’s Goodbye Sweden. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available on YouTube. It’s a first. Anyway. Goodbye Sweden. It actually made me cry a bit. Maybe I was just overly emotional, I don’t know. Also, be aware, this blog post is mostly written to stave off jet lag and the fact that I’ve slept very little the last few weeks before the move.

I have many hopes and expectations for BioWare. It is a relief to finally be able to work for a company where I don’t have to compromise my convictions just to do something that I experience as fun and engaging. BioWare is a company known for its efforts to create diverse games for many kinds of players, and the emotional content of the storylines is often both surprising and surprisingly strong.

This, to me, is the main reason why I’ve pulled up stakes and moved all the way to Canada. To finally be at peace with the content I’m creating, and to be able to proudly stand for the games that I make. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of games I’ve made previously as well, but there are elements to many of them that I just can’t defend or stand behind to a 100%. I’m hoping that my work with BioWare will change that.

Also, I’m a HUGE fan of the games released previously, so being able to work with the (according to me) absolute best games company in the world was also a pretty big draw. I’m trying to wipe the fairy dust from my eyes today, so that I won’t show up at the office tomorrow all starry eyed. At the moment I’m failing miserably, but hey, I’m sure I’ll be critical, annoying and a pain in the ass in no time.

That said, this blog and all the contents on it, remain my own views and scribblings. BioWare has no responsibility for my musings and rants. As always.

It’s a new beginning for me. For the cats. I look forward to this, to Canada and to a fresh start.