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The Things We Do

At one point in my life, my job was to shadow our creative director, write down what he said to the developers and put it in a prioritised schedule. This was provided he didnät change his mind the day after,… Continue Reading →

The solution to all our problems.

In game dev. Stick with your decisions. Make sure iteration is covered and accounted for in planning. Stop expecting people to work out of “passion for games”. Hire more producers. Hire more people who believe that process is a good… Continue Reading →

Where do we start?

People have been asking me, for as long as I’ve been playing games and being a part of the games industry “what do we do? How do we fix this?” That is – of course – a massive question with… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – The Chef

Really it’s not only the chef, but so many tiny little moments and animations that make this whole still fairly limited space come alive. Ladies and gentlemen. The chef chopping an onion.

One of Those Moments – Good Riddance

I had a moment of goose bumps the first time I ran into Eurydice singing “Good Riddance”. I find it very Interesting when games integrate music in the gameplay and not just as something apart from it. It was a… Continue Reading →

How do we fix the games industry?

In my 22 years as a game developer, I haven’t managed to make much headway in the industry at large. I’m still barely beyond senior, I’ve seen countless very competent and skilled women leave the industry, I’ve barely met a… Continue Reading →

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