So, I’m trying to make input work in a game that I’ve been building as part of an Udemy course. The issue is that it is next to impossible to find the bug. I’ve been redoing the same class, or lecture, or whatever you want to call it, three times now, and it always fails and it always fails at the same step.

My suspicion is of course that I’ve missed something but I don’t know what. Rewatching the lecture and redoing the blueprint doesn’t help. This evening I redid the whole section in the course.

Still breaks at exactly the same place. (I should probably add that it doesn’t throw up any errors or complaints, it just doesn’t work.)

Trust me, I’ve checked the world settings to make sure it calls the right game controller, I’ve redid the blueprint interfaces, I’ve redid the player pawn, made sure it’s called in every setting and blueprint, I’ve done pretty much all I can think of. And it still breaks in the exact same place. Input.

I’m pretty sure it is something totally trivial, something that is SO EASY, that the person making the course didn’t even reflect on it.

This is the final five lectures in the course, and I’ve gotten to the point where I am not going to complete the course. I’ll skip it, even if it hurts me badly not to complete it but I can’t and so why should I when the issue is most likely not my Unreal 5 skills (which are, admittedly at the point where I recognize certain blueprints and I can make things appear and disappear on screen when walking into a trigger box) but the course itself.

It is possible that the engine I’m using (5.0.2) is not compatible with the course that uses the beta version of 5.0. It’s also possible that Unreal is trying to drive me mad.

As a conclusion, I’ll probably return to this course sometime in the future, when my skills are stronger. I might be able to troubleshoot it at that point.