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Game Dev Heroines – Jenny Brusk

Jenny Brusk ought to be a game developer legend at this point. She’s worked on game series like Backpacker and she’s done a ton of things within game development, but most of all, she has educated new game developers at… Continue Reading →

Game Dev Heroines – Emily Taylor

Emily is a level designer (probably lead, senior or principal by now. Probably all three.) She’s one of the most competent level designers I’ve worked with. Emily does her work in the shadows. Not many people know about her as… Continue Reading →

Game Dev Heroines – Caroline Livingstone

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Caroline while I was at BioWare, but I knew of her long before that. She has been a dialogue coordinator on many of the most lauded games from BioWare, and her influence,… Continue Reading →

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