Emily is a level designer (probably lead, senior or principal by now. Probably all three.) She’s one of the most competent level designers I’ve worked with1.

Emily does her work in the shadows. Not many people know about her as a designer outside of the games industry – I think? – but her skill and dedication should not go unnoticed.

Level design and mission design is the backbone of any game with a narrative. We as players walk along the paths the level designers have created for us, the triggers they have set up to make things happen and the – hopefully – positive conclusion of a mission. With BioWare, tragedy is not unusual though.

In addition to being a wonderful colleague, she’s also a baker and cook with skills out of this world. Her awesomeness can not be overstated. She’s a professional role-model and a total game dev heroine.

  1. The other one happens to be a woman as well, and I have reason to get back to her later in this series.