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The Lady of the Lake – D&D 5th Ed Encounter

The characters arrive in a small village in the mountains. The village is for some reason full of warriors of different kinds. Everything from barbarians to paladins are camping in or nearby the village. When arriving, the characters are treated… Continue Reading →

D&D 5ed Trap – The Magical Beans of Hilda van Hoffman

Magical item. Sort of. These unassuming beans can be tossed on to any surface (including water, oil, walls and so on) to form a trap for any unsuspecting creature. Hilda van Hoffman was a mage and botanist with a huge… Continue Reading →

The Pilgrimage – Dragon Age RPG

This is the third translated adventure in the 20.000 characters project. It’s an adventure for the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin, based on a story seed in the book Blood in Ferelden.

Adrenochrome – Aberrant

A while back, I asked my readers which adventures they’d like to see translated. One of those adventures was Adrenochrome. Adrenochrome was the first adventure I wrote in a project that has since been named the 20.000 character project.

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