There is a town in the kingdom of Rialsa close to a mountain where they mine for copper and brass. The town is called Flyte and just like most folks in Rialsa, everyone in it is an inventor. The sound of hammers, bellows and the crackle of fires is constant.

Smoke lies thick over Flyte, and it is always warm here. People travel from all over to see the marvels created in Flyte, and the brass and bronze and copper tools made here are the finest in the world.

A fortunate adventurer may even be graced by the fortune to buy one of the wonders created here.

On display are many marvels but only the items below are for sale at any point. Roll 1D4 to see how many items can be bought.

Type (1D10)

  1. A Horse
  2. An Ostrich
  3. A Desk
  4. A Small Hut
  5. A Wagon
  6. A Small Elephant
  7. A Library
  8. A Large Garden Gnome
  9. A Giraffe
  10. A Ship

Material (1D3)

  1. Copper
  2. Bronze
  3. Brass

Ability (1D10)

  1. Encyclopaedic Knowledge
  2. Unsurpassed Beauty
  3. Scathing Wit
  4. Unsinkable Bouyance
  5. Superior Strategy
  6. Remarkable Focus
  7. Unending Stamina
  8. Monstrous Strength
  9. Trustworthy Talent
  10. Wholesome Charm

Exactly how these objects work and what they cost is up to the GM. The intent is to get the players started in figuring out what the objects are and how they can be used.