EDIT: There was no link! Now there is one. Link.

Okay, so today was no ordinary day. Today I started my collaboration with the eminent and amazing publisher Åskfågeln to publish an English version of the Keyring RPG.

It’s been on my to do list for quite some time, but this New Years, we finally (I say “we”, but really, most of it has been Tove and Anders) got around to creating the Kickstarter and setting it up.

Also helping out is our amazing graphic designer Dan Algstrand, who’s got his fingers in more current Swedish RPGs than anyone else I know. Jens Reuterberg will do the illustrations, which I’m particularly happy about. I’ve wanted to work with Jens ever since he made me a cute fan picture.

So if you feel like supporting me and Åskfågeln – they are licensing the RPG from me – mosey on over to the kickstarter campaign and have at it.