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Diversity Dungeons – Part 1

Reading Heteronormativity into Imaginary Worlds Cards on the table. I am and will probably always be a feminist. I’m one of those pesky people criticising the gaming industry and culture because it lacks an inclusive and diverse point of view…. Continue Reading →


Nu är det officiellt. På fredagen den 7:e oktober (nästa vecka) är jag i Skövde för att bli utnämnd till hedersdoktor vid Högskolan i Skövde. Jag får den utmärkelsen för mitt arbete med jämställdhet och mångfald inom spelkultur och spelindustri.

Another GDC Talk

This is a GDC talk from 2015 about diversity advocacy. The sound is a bit low, but the stuff they’re talking about is really interesting, especially Kate Edwards. Listen to this, take it in. It’s important.

David Gaider on diversity – NGC15

I have to admit that the invitation I got to Nordic Game Conference-15 as a speaker at a Diversi panel pleased me quite a bit. It’s always nice to be recognized, but this time, the invitation came with a hidden… Continue Reading →

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