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Uneven playing fields

[..] for the purpose of this discussion I’m more interested in the kind of attitude that underlies and perpetuates mansplaining. And my answer, in short, is entitlement: entitlement of the epistemic variety, which relates to knowledge, beliefs, and the possession… Continue Reading →

“Put a dog in there.”

Relatedness refers to the social nature of human beings and the connectedness with others. Both can be considered as being part of the panhuman psychology and both are intrinsically intertwined. – Heidi Keller, Psychological autonomy and hierarchical relatedness as organizers… Continue Reading →

Insidious Sexism

When I told colleagues that I was going to do some writing about problematic enemies in games, one of the enemies that came up was the Desire Demon in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. While I don’t disagree… Continue Reading →

For fear of punishment

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve been more quiet than usual over the last couple of years here at discordia. I’m trying to change that. In part by writing my blog posts in bulk (surprisingly this works better than I thought)… Continue Reading →

Kultur på arbetsplatsen

En av de tuffare lärdomarna jag gjort, som mer eller mindre globetrottande spelutvecklare med runt 16 års erfarenhet är denna: arbetsplatskultur är oerhört viktigt.

Den dolda sexismen

Jag måste inleda den här texten med att jag har tur 1. Jag har jobbat med spel i sexton år, jag har många goda minnen ifrån spel jag har gjort,

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