I’ve played it now. All the way trough. No one can tell me that I don’t know or don’t understand The Witcher 3 because I have a trophy, clearly stating that I’ve gone from point A to point B and I have completed it.

I still think there are pretty severe issues with The Witcher, to only from a low level sexism perspective but from a gameplay one.

I use GreedFall as an example of extremely janky gameplay, but to be honest, The Witcher 3 isn’t that much better. I also think that a game that has been upgraded for PS5 should look into the movement on a game pad and try to adjust it for console. It’s okay with split second movement changes when it’s a mouse or keyboard, because those inputs are much more precise than for a game pad. But on a game pad, it becomes twitchy gameplay, and an effort to keep up.

Loot was weirdly placed on occasion, and there were collision models preventing pick ups. I would argue that having a whole slew of achievements focused on Gwent was an “interesting” choice. I’m playing The Witcher 3, not a card game that I have no interest in playing. Consequently because I wasn’t interested, I never played, and because I never played, I lost a ton of achievements because of it.

All in all, I spent around 110 hours in the game. I’ve visited every hidden treasure I have found, every monster nest that popped up on the map, I’ve ridden in every race I could find as well. I haven’t punched people in the pugilist challenges, but that’s because I find those challenges boring, just as I do in Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Zero Dawn.

I will give the game this – it is a good narrative game. I like that it doesn’t pull punches in some situations, and if it wasn’t for the casual sexism and the sorceresses and women in the game who are obviously put there to be on display for a white, male audience I might even have liked it, despite the gameplay flaws. I am done with it now, though, and I am unlikely to return to it.