So I’m still in the process of moving across the world, and for various reasons it’s costed me more than I previously thought.

I’m certainly not destitute, I have enough money to deal with all the expenses that come out of moving without a problem. So I’m kind of reluctant to do this, or I was, until a friend told me to put up a tip jar for my cat Zebra. She’s not with me yet, she’s moving after me because the pandemic and the circumstances of my move made me a bit scatterbrained. To put it shortly, I forgot she needed time to become fully immune to rabies after I had vaccinated her, and in addition to all of that, the vets in Edmonton were booked to capacity. Zebra’s regular vet didn’t have appointments until October.

The good news is that she’s on vacation with friends, a lovely couple that’s spoiling her so much I’m sure she’ll be impossible to deal with when she finally arrives home.

The bad news is that transporting a cat internationally is expensive.

So, if you feel that I have written stuff on this blog that you enjoy reading, you can tip me, or rather you can tip Zebra. All tips will go to the international travel fund, to my friends taking care of her for all their expenses, and ultimately to tree houses, toys, and treats for Zebra.

Here’s a link. There are no obligations whatsoever.