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A Note on Gamers

So, as you may have seen, I did talk a bit about the terms hardcore and casual and how meaningless I find they are in the context of gaming culture and game development. I also spoke a bit about what… Continue Reading →

Döden var bara början

Jag var Goth när jag gick i gymnasiet. Inte uppenbart goth, jag klädde mig inte i svart och jag använde inte orimligt mycket eyeliner eller mascara, men min själ var svart som en skogstjärn. Tyckte jag i alla fall. Jag… Continue Reading →

Hardcore and casual

I’m going to say something “controversial”. Hardcore and casual gamers has become a meaningless designation. Being any of those “types” of gamer says nothing about gaming habits anymore. “Hardcore”, when the designation first appeared, was used to describe players who… Continue Reading →

The Power of Gatekeeping

If you are in any way part of gaming culture, you’ll know that gatekeeping is part of that culture. To my mind, and as part of a completely unproven hypothesis on my end, gatekeeping is about power. The power to… Continue Reading →

Mardrömsmosaiken – Ett konventsäventyr till Kutulu

I dagarna gick Lund 1922 av stapeln och på fredagen bröt jag en… lång period av att inte ha skrivit till konvent med att skriva till konvent. Den här gången var det Kutulu av Mikael Bergström som fick äran att… Continue Reading →

Moral Failings and Monsters

I’ve already spoken quite a bit about this aspect of games and the underlying implications of being unclean and inviting the monster into yourself in the post about Banshees and Broodmothers earlier. I want to return to Western ideas of… Continue Reading →

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