I’m currently waiting for all my stuff. My books, my games, my consoles, my computer, my bed, my cooking utensils and all the rest of my life being transported from Canada.

My cat arrived on Thursday, and she’s still mildly traumatized from her flight, but she at least has a bunch of toys, a cat tree, a cozy hideout and several other things thanks to the generosity of her tip jar.

She’s got it better than I have at the moment, but she’s still a bit clingy and not entirely safe yet. I’m hoping she’ll be back to normal soon.

I have a sofa bed, a few pots and a spork. I’ve also got a toaster and a kettle and a vacuum cleaner. I felt i needed them all to survive. I’ve come to realize that I also need more than a sofa bed and a spork to survive,

I think it’s one of those things that they won’t tell you when you decide to move across the world. There’s a period of time where you won’t have what you’re used to, even less than you actually need to feel okay, It’s a period of stasis. Waiting. Soon I’ll have my books and bookshelves, but there’s no use getting any plants until I do. That new game coming out, well, no use buying it yet. I don’t have anything to play it on. Etc, etc. It’s all about waiting right now.

I brought some books but they’re primarily books I need for work (WHAT? Books for work you say? Yes, Celia Hodent’s The Gamer’s Brain, a book about cognitive psychology and Julia Kristeva’s Power of Horror, but the Power of Horror is more for fun. Sort of. Don’t ask.)

I had this idea that I’d write a lot but I realized that I actually need my reference books for that. That should tell you how much I rely on them to write these posts.

I’m sleeping a lot as well. Turns out that stress, pandemics, and leaving1 old jobs and starting new ones is stressful as well.

I’ll bounce back. In the meantime I’ll figure out what one can cook with two pots, a spork, a kettle and a toaster, while at the same time keeping the world’s most cuddly cat from burning herself on the stove.

  1. Who am I kidding? No one but myself. Ask me about it another time. It wasn’t good.