At least to a certain extent. The individuals called out during #MeToo are pretty much unaffected, or seem to be unaffected, while the people who spoke up against them are being hauled into court for libel, or hauled into the court of public opinion, where they are dismantled in a much more efficient manner than a court of law could ever manage. The judgment in a court of law has an end date, after all. A punishment is fulfilled and once that happens it’s done.

The reason I write this is because Lately I’ve seen people I’ve worked with, people that have intentionally hurt me and my career and hurt my professional pride, start new studios or been recruited for positions they’ll probably use to intentionally or unintentionally hurt people.

I know more than one individual that is so painfully inept at his (yes, most of them are men) job that they should not be allowed to work. Not just because they’re incompetent, but because their incompetency hurt other people. Because their lack of empathy leads to sexism, racism, trans- and homophobia as well as to crunch and underwhelming results.

They still get to work and to spread their poison in an industry that is already struggling with toxicity.

So. As a result of that, I encourage the Black, Latin, Asian, indigenous, mixed race, trans and non-binary people to protect yourself.

Join existing whisper networks or create your own. Keep to the shadows. The time to drag these things out into the daylight still hasn’t come, unless you can get the numbers to support a case.

  • Document everything.
  • Record conversations, provided it is legal – in some places it’s even allowed to record in secret.
  • Get HR to put concerns on paper.
  • Research new studios.
  • Research old studios.
  • Be careful.
  • Have patience.

Never give up. Our time will come and there will be a reckoning. Does this make you uneasy? Ask yourself why.