The reason I write a lot about what games do wrong is because I feel that gaming culture, game development and games in general can be so much better, but in order for us to be better, we have to make sure that we think about what we put in games, how we discuss games and how we analyze games.

My perspective is analytical. I could write long posts about what I think games are doing right, but I feel that the “normal” press has that down pretty well. What gaming outlets won’t do, is tell you why things are done the way they are or how the gaming culture affects games.

Some articles, primarily in outlets like Kotaku, are looking at these things. At the same time, many of the journalists and writers that write these articles are not game developers. Being a game developer gives a certain insight into both development and community that you may not get anywhere else.

To clarify. I love games. I love playing games, I love making games. But I also feel we have so much we could improve in games and around games. That’s why I write about what is wrong and what we can improve.