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September 2022

I See You

This post is more about putting thoughts on paper than a finished hypothesis. It has to do with the (potential) conflict between identification with the avatar and the limited selection of said avatars, primarily because most of them are written… Continue Reading →

Red Flags

We have problems in the games industry. Most of the time those problems can be attributed to men. Considering most companies have an 80/20 split between men and women, maybe it is not that weird. As a developer, if you… Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to Be a Superstar

Here’s a thing. I’m not particularly passionate about games. I’m not a ninja or a rockstar or even a unicorn. I don’t live for games. I’m never going to be a superstar. I’m a solid, dependable (I hope) designer with… Continue Reading →

D&D 5ed Trap – The Magical Beans of Hilda van Hoffman

Magical item. Sort of. These unassuming beans can be tossed on to any surface (including water, oil, walls and so on) to form a trap for any unsuspecting creature. Hilda van Hoffman was a mage and botanist with a huge… Continue Reading →

Passionate topics

I’m always up for a debate. I always enjoy analyzing stuff, stuff being just about anything that has to do with games or game development. I’m also trying to write stuff that might be interesting from other people’s perspective, and… Continue Reading →

Higher Expectations

I have to admit that I no longer expect anything from gaming culture. When I started out as a developer and started poking at the issues we had – and in many cases still have – I somehow expected that… Continue Reading →

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