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November 2022

Hold on to people

A colleague and me went to lunch the other day and spoke about the attitude people have towards their jobs, but also about the attitude employers have against their employees. When I grew up it was much more common with… Continue Reading →

Failure is not an option

Have you heard the theory fail fast and fail often? People keep saying it, in particular in connection to game development. Get out there fast! Have your ideas tested! Fail early and fail fast! What they neglect to tell you… Continue Reading →

The Guilt

I carry this sense of guilt most everywhere I go. It’s about games – of course – and making games. I have this sense that I should be happy and grateful that I get to do what so no any… Continue Reading →

Tabitha’s Owl of Perception

Tabitha’s Owl of Perception is a mechanical owl, created by a very distracted and somewhat clumsy magician. The owl is made from brass, bronze and copper and the outer feathers of the own are stained with oxidation to the point… Continue Reading →


I used to write all the time. I used to jot down ideas on every writable surface with any kind of pen – the snobbery came later – and I had so many ideas and thoughts I felt were important… Continue Reading →

Tales from the Trenches – 64 x 64 Pixels

One of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on was Oriboo for Movinto Fun. Oriboo is a console created for girls and teens intended to encourage movement and dancing. Jin Moen, who came up with the concept wanted to… Continue Reading →

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