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December 2022


One of the problems I have with the outliers of game development and gaming culture is the feeling of entitlement and ownership that some people, primarily men, give voice to. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the conversation around… Continue Reading →

The Shape of Writing

I’ve been thinking a bit about how my notebooks influence the way I write and which ideas I have. I realize this sounds suspicious. What on earth is she on about now? Well. What she’s on about is in principle… Continue Reading →

Interactivity and other distractions

I’m reading a lot of older game related books because of my intentions to try to get through the massive pile of literature that I have accumulated during the years. One thing that has continuously struck me is the lack… Continue Reading →

Refuse Unicorndom

It bugs me a bit that in the world of game development you still have to be EXCEPTIONAL! At least according to job ads. BE PASSIONATE! BE A ROCKSTAR! A NINJA! A UNICORN! (Strangely enough there’s nothing about cowboys or… Continue Reading →

Game Dev Heroines – Caroline Livingstone

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Caroline while I was at BioWare, but I knew of her long before that. She has been a dialogue coordinator on many of the most lauded games from BioWare, and her influence,… Continue Reading →

Game Dev Heroines – Raise the Women Around You

I’m going to start writing about the women in game dev that I admire (alright, I will include non-binary and non-genderous people too). I’m doing this to highlight that inspiration in this industry does not necessarily come only from men,… Continue Reading →

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