Debatten lever även utanför Sverige.

På Feminist Frequency hittade jag den här:

Feminist Frequency

It is no secret that most video games star overly muscular men often carrying big swords, guns, baseball bats, chainsaws and other phallic weaponry. Many of these games normalize a macho masculinity and glorify war and the military. They especially celebrate grotesque displays of violence. Few popular games provide any opportunity for creative non-violent forms of conflict resolution and with the ever growing graphic technology, the blood and gore seem to look more and more real. And now with first person shooter games, players can really experience the destruction and gore up close and personal.

Not only are these games dominated by male characters but even the few women characters who get staring roles are replicating the overly patriarchal, violent, macho behaviour all wrapped up in a hyper sexualized body. Not surprisingly the vast majority of game producers, designers and writers are men.

To put it simply, there are too many dicks on the dancefloor!