Some things that have me really excited at the moment when it comes to gaming (apart from the release of Mass Effect Andromeda next year) is the release of No Man’s Sky next week. Since I live in North America nowadays it should be available on the 9th, but then again I’ll probably have to buy it through the European store. So. No Man’s Sky next week.

I’m also psyched to hear that there will be an HD remake of the original StarCraft.

The announcement for StarCraft HD is coming as early as September, according to iNews24, with more details set to debut at November’s BlizzCon event.

I’m looking forward to reliving the story without Raynor being a complete asshole. Erh.. yeah.

Azbü is a “new” Journey, sort of. It at least has the potential to be, and it was released just the other day. I’ll buy and play, but I’m not convinced it’s as good as Journey. It remains to be seen. I look forward to one of those very soft experiences that are more emotion and meditation than challenge.

So, you see? I do get excited about stuff.