It’s been a year since my mom’s partner and my bonus dad passed away, a year and roughly two months since my uncle on my mother’s side passed. A year and a month since my best friend passed. All of them passed due to cancer or complications caused by cancer.

Fuck cancer.

Needless to say, this week has been very heavy and I haven’t really had the energy to work on “Chains of Command” more than to establish that maybe I overcomplicated things with arrays and data maps.

I might only need variables, not data maps. I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that I can’t put Chains of Command together on the fly like I’ve been doing. I need a plan, and to stick with that plan.

I suspect this is why programmers tend to like me. I write design documents with (hopefully) clear requirements for them to build their systems on.

This is also why I like my work. I have a design doc for both Murder Mysteries and Chains of Command. This means I can sit down and plan out how to build the games before building them in Twine.

In addition to that, I’m getting more proficient with Unreal 5. I’ve poked timelines and I have found some errors that I’ve made in blueprints on my own, which tells me that even if my knowledge is very much on the surface, I’m starting to grasp the logic, which is good. Although to be honest, some of the Unreal 5 “logic” doesn’t seem entirely rational to me. Oh well. Onwards, albeit slowly.