I’m currently in a gaming slump. I don’t want to play anything, not even the games I’ve been waiting for and wanting to play for a while.

Sometimes this happens. It’s annoying that it is happening now, though, at this moment, when I’ve got two massive games with romance options to play.

I think I’ve felt it for some time. I feel really antagonistic towards Death Stranding, which is my “hate game” for the moment, and maybe it is colouring the rest of my gaming experiences as well? Who knows.

Yes, the world’s tiniest violin is still playing in the background. I acknowledge that this is a very privileged problem to have, especially since many can’t even afford to play games, much less buy the latest consoles, much less have the time to actually play instead of making money and trying to make rent.

There are so many layers to privilege.

I shall think on this some more, while I try to catch up with my towering pile of blog posts, portfolio stuff I want to do, restructuring of this blog I am aiming to accomplish and work, of course.

Maybe I’m just getting too old for this shit?