Galahad and Isolde from The Order 1886 have one of the most intriguing and fascinating moments I as a lover of romance in games have ever come across.It’s one of those moments when you sit up, take notice and take notes. At least I did. There’s a lot to be said about The Order 1886 in general, and eventually I’ll hopefully get around to doing a UX breakdown, but for now this is one of the reasons I absolutely adore that game.

The premise is this. Isolde and Galahad are partners in knighthood. Throughout the game up until now, Isolde has been flirting with Galahad, and there’s this reluctant reciprocation going on on Galahad’s end, although I get the feeling it’s pretty much against his will. It’s obvious that there’s something going on between them. In addition to that, they’re steampunk knights, they’re immortal-ish, and they’re chasing werewolves and vampires across Victorian England, because that’s apparently what you do when you’re a steampunk knight. Isolde has gotten badly hurt (yes, sigh, but she’s gotten Galahad out of scrapes as well. She’s not quite Imperator-Furiosa-badass, but almost). Galahad was super concerned for her, thinking she was about to die, and then she drops the bomb as they’re leaving the place where they fought the werewolves and my heart goes BOOM!