Hi, it’s me again. I may have forgiven Valhalla for everything already (except maybe all the F**KING WHISTLING!) but I still wanted to point out that I can overlook the unbalanced progression and weird placement of certain enemies now that I know that I can also pet dogs.

Yes, I will still post a longer thing about Valhalla and the issues I believe that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla suffers from from a UX perspective, but I’m still playing (currently I’m on the Isle of Skye, finding weird artefacts with Kassandra and who in the ever loving hell thought that was a good armour for Kassandra? That’s like… the ugliest armour to come out of Greece. Please tell me it’s because of assets or something, because MAN does she look awkward in that.) and things might change, although after almost 50 hours I feel qualified enough to say that even among AC games this is lopsided from a motivational perspective. I’ll put my UX specs on and tell you why later. See clickbait. First I lure you with dogs and then I present you with a cliffhanger. I’m evil.