On occasion strange and wonderful things wash up on the shores of curio shops and antique stores.

Sometimes those things are the Lugubrious Pantaloons of Mr. Sonntag. Mr. Sonntag was, before expiring in an unfortunate pants-related accident, a tailor and inventor of some renown. His pantaloons were well known and well made, but after his death, there was a rumour of even more amazing pantaloons, with pockets that could hold incredible amounts of items.

The issue with the pantaloons, it seemed, was that instead of a weight on the body, the items weighed on the soul. The Lugubrious Pantaloons of Mr. Sonntag could make anyone utterly depressed.

Item type: Wondrous
Rarity: Very rare
Attunement: Yes
Value: 1000 GP

Item Description
The pants can hold up to 10 x WIS pounds. Exceeding the limit destroys the pantaloons. Anyone wearing them gets depressed or sad if the weight exceeds 5 x WIS pounds.