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Don’t think. List 15 games that have affected your life. Don’t use more than 15 minutes.”

Okay. Here goes.
1. Battleship
This was the first game I played on a computer, ever. My brother programmed and we played. The digital realm opened up.

2. Bubble Bobble
Love those tiny dinos! C64 platformer game that scared me more than I care to admit when the horrid Baron Von Bubba appeared.

3. Moonstone
The first action RPG I ever played. Not perfect, but I remember breathlessly looking at the awesome animations. Easily impressed.

4. Descent
The first FPS I played. And got sick from. Which is why the next FPS I played was…

5. Quake
This is the game where I found out that I represented ALL the girl gamers. Which put me off gaming for a long time and influenced the way I play. I try to be the best.

6. Soul Calibur
Inspired me to buy my first console, the Dreamcast. I bought one, practiced until my fingers bled, literally, and kicked ass my first game.

7. Counter-Strike
My second FPS, which I totally ruled at. When all the guys were halfway drunk. Made me appreciate team play. Good game.

8. And with Counter-Strike comes Half-Life. Still a classic, still one of the best intros, still good shit!

9. Star Craft
This is the love of my life. My absolute fav game for longer than I care to think. Mostly because it’s a game I can understand. It’s a game I can master.

10. The Darkness
Note the jump in time. The Darkness did ONE thing for me. It motivated me to do all those fairly pointless things that I usually find quite boring. Why? Because I got to cuddle with my girlfriend.

11. Guitar Hero
The start of the casual revolution. Again a game I bought and played until I had reached at least medium level.

12. Dragon Age: Origins
Kickstarted my interest in relationship matrices in games.

13. Mass Effect
Made me realize that a mechanically crappy game can still be worth re-playing, if the motive is there. And it was.

14. Just Cause 2
Just cause I helped make it. Big impact.

15. Heavy Rain
not a good game – for me. But a landmark in what is emotional gaming, and as such a step forward in storytelling and emotional design. I don’t like it, and I think they failed, but they tried. And that’s brilliant.


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