It bugs me a bit that in the world of game development you still have to be EXCEPTIONAL! At least according to job ads.



(Strangely enough there’s nothing about cowboys or pirates. One would assume that with ninjas they would follow?)

I’ve been trying hard to be a unicorn, but it turns out that instead of a Unicorn! Ninja! Or Rockstar! Or even Passionate! I’m a meticulous, careful, systematic and organized designer.

Instead of rockstardom I’ll offer a solid and well thought through flowchart with most edge cases covered.

To be honest, in my spare time, I prefer to not have to think about games at all. I don’t want to learn to code for work. I don’t want to be a 3D modeller for work. I don’t want to be a Swiss Army knife. I want to be a sharp filleting knife that does one thing very well, and in an emergency I can also be used to cut a loaf of bread.

I do feel that the expectations put on developers as seen in job ads, kind of ask us to be a Swiss Army knife and a filleting knife and maybe a bread knife as well. We should be versatile but also experts on several subjects. Preferably with a ton of experience and just out of school.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the one who is limited, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ll return to my Udemy courses now. I have a passing understanding of graphic design, I’m retraining myself to draw stuff and soon enough I’ll start on my Unreal courses. I’m a lopsided unicorn. A loud ninja. A cowboy and a pirate.